The mission of Art is not to copy nature, but to express it.” In this quote Balzac captures the way that I feel about a great passion of mine – nature photography. For me, the most important aspect of nature photography is the transmission of the feelings, impressions and inspiration that arise in response to the world, in addition to documenting natural wonders. I seek both the aesthetic and archival value in each piece.


I have traveled extensively in pursuit of this ambitious goal. The ecosystems that I have experienced differ widely from the natural beauty and wonders of Spain. If a photograph can convey with such potency uniquely significant moments, the power of photographing remote places - where one may never return - is thus undeniable.

When I look back upon my entry into the field of photography I reflect upon the great curiosity that quickly developed into an enthusiasm. I have gathered thousands of images; had bestowed upon me much attention and honors in competitions and publications; above all, made many friends and know that I have lived and thoroughly enjoyed every one of these photographs.

contenidos © felipe foncuevasite by Bluekea